Digital Marketing

Linguistic recognises that each territory varies in terms of its mobile maturity, device penetration and bandwidth.

We therefore target our marketing accordingly, adopting a detailed approach to time horizon, geography, content genre, device and operating protocol: ensuring a rich, compelling and financially viable campaign execution that reduces cost-of-acquisition, maximises retention and leads to earlier ROI (ROAS), and greater profitability.

Linguistic markets creative and delivers content to Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, Spain and the UK. We manage over 250 device-agnostic portals across games, music, video, themes, sport, lifestyle, celebrity and news genres. Our platform serves over 3.5M subscribers and handles over 10 million daily transactions.

Strategic Consulting

Linguistic secures immediate, medium and long term management consulting contracts on a referral-only basis, and has executed a variety of assignments requiring in-territory placement through several jurisdictions within EMEA.

Specialising in the Mobile, Media, Technology and Communications sectors, we have successfully completed the following assignments: