At Linguistic we choose our partners carefully: naturally we want to work with the best. We have a very short buying cycle and are delighted to collaborate with businesses who are driven by delivering customer service excellence.

Mobile Billing and Aggregation

We have live and contingent mobile and fixed-line agreements across each of our territories. We welcome partnership approaches from data aggregators, PRS providers, CC Merchants or micro-payment gateways that share our open, trusted, honest and clear values.


Linguistic collaborates with many agencies and markets through the media line. Although we advertise in traditional media whenever the proposition dictates, we major in web and mobile inventory purchase. We are keen to grow our agency network so if you deliver solid and reliable account management underpinned by forensic reporting metrics email

Content Partners

Linguistic has an extensive catalogue of proprietary digital D2C content but the door remains open to 3rd party providers. If you currently deliver licensed content and you feel you have unique inventory please email